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A jQuery plugin is used to create scrolling tables with fixed headers. A jQuery plugin is also used to keep the code that is kept contained in one location and to allow the users to call the “chromatable()” method on any table or many tables that are given on the same page. This jQuery plugin can be accessed by going to the following link: chromatable jquery plugin .


Inorder to make this plugin work, you will need to add the following to the head of your HTML:

Then you will have to call the chromatable() method on any table within your code as shown below:

You can also modify the table’s height and width by simply adding some lines. All these informations are given on their site. The Version 1.2.0 supports the table width that is set to a fixed pixel dimension auto or 100%. If you specify the tables too narrow for accommodating your columns then you may be able to see some unexpected formatting results.

In the download package, you can see an example.html file on how to setup the chromatable method properly. In most of the cases, it should be working very well outside the box. And there you go…you have your new chromatables ready with you! You can send your feedback or questions regarding the implementation to the above given website. There are some some problems faced on some issues that were reported using the IE6 and Opera.