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With this Brosho Plugin you can design your markup in the browser. It is a jQuery Plugin designs with the help of a build-in element selector and CSS editor. The CSS code of the altered elements can be generated with just one click. This can be further used in your own stylesheet.

brosho plugin markup

The Brosho Plugin allows you to stop shifting between your Editor and Browser. Thus, while creating or editing the websites, it minimizes the editor-browser switching. These changes will happen instantly without reloading the page. After designing your mockup, the CSS code can be generated. This should be copied and pasted into your stylesheet.

This jQuery plugin allows you to select the elements in a webpage, edit CSS properties with in-browser editor and to see the outputs instantly. This is very similar to editing with the Firebug. Once these changes are implemented, the new code should be pasted to the CSS file. This editor includes features like setting the position (that is, top-bottom-left-right), enable or disable the element highlighting and one-click CSS code generation. It is preferred to disable the links while using the Brosho, as a selected element can redirect you to a new page and then selections becomes useless.

The Brosho is a development tool. You will have a directory js which should be copied and then paste the brosho directory in it. Then include the Plugin along with the jQuery in your header. Now the brosho editor will be included along with the default settings.