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In a race against time, we are always looking to save as much as possible; this is especially applicable to the Website development. A website needs to be developed as fast as possible without compensating on any of features that make it unique and stand out. This is where code snippets show their power. Code Snippet is a small region of re-usable code that are developed in specific modules in order to facilitate smooth integration in to programming. Here, we will show you where can you get the snippet to satiate your needs.

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Snipt: the long term memory for coders! A jargon in the programming field in the sense that programmers manipulate memories through their codes. Snipt is a excellent database for CSS codes. The organisation is simple and complete with tags. You will never get entangled in between codes.



A non commercial project by Jonas John which started in 2006 for storing snippets for PHP, CSS and XHTML. The website is very simple and jumps straight to the pith of the matter. No adverts or login or any kind of formality required to view the site. The site also has tags which helps in organising the site. There is a toplist icon which gives you statistics on the most used snippets . It also provides free PHP tutorials! The database contains 169 snippets until now and regularly gets updated.



GitHub is a more sophisticated website, nonetheless fast and efficient. Its distributed version control system is best suited for collaborative software development. In GitHub argot, these projects are reffered to as fork projects.

As soon as you register, you can start your own fork project; but these projects under GitHub are public, open source projects. GitHub also supports projects by prerolled post commit hooks (IRC, Jabber, Email, Trac, Campfire, etc.) apart from the indigenous web hook system. Every database is supported by SSH for pushing and pulling functions. Private repositories enjoy full SSL support on the web side, as well.

git hub


Smipple is a social service for saving, storing, organizing, and sharing snippets of code with your friends and coworkers. In a nutshell, a geek’s facebook, it also supports features like freinds. Instead of taking a dumb quiz to check how dumb you are, here you can actually improve your coding by competing with your friends. And like Smipple says “ Earn Bragging Rights!”

smipple snippet


Snipplr is a CSS (and a whole lot of other programming languages) repository with an extended support in including code snippets in to their websites. It provides plugins for different conditions. Snipplr has an extensive database of snippets and allows user to upload, store and organise. All codes uploaded can be used by the public. You can also get a Snippler Tee if you design a plugin to incorporate snipplr codes. Swwwweeeeeeeetttttttt!



Stack Overflow is a programming Q & A site. You are free to ask questions, free to answer questions, free to read, free to index, built with plain old HTML for FREE. It is optional to register, but if you do you can start collecting Karma points by helping out others. Stack Overflow does not have a developer; it has a group of developers. If you get enough cookie points you can join the club; edit anything much like Wikipedia for codes.


Google Code Search

Google couldn’t keep its fingers out of this pie. Google has developed a search engine to rummage through the code world and get you the code you are looking for. It also has advanced search features where you can specify parameters like the language, license, packages, files and case sensitive to optimize your search results.

google code


DevSnippets is designed and maintained by the Noupe.com team. It is a public gallery where programmers can sumbit their code and design snippets, tutorials and latest trends in the design blogosphere. DevSnippets has amassed a large amount of code snippets and categorized them making them easy to find.



CodePlex is open source project hosting by the Microsoft thought they do not control any content on the website, just host it. It is well organised and provides statistics with code snippets. You can also start a project and get help from the community at CodePlex.



CodeCodex is a free wiki for codes. Unlike Google Code Search, where you can just search the codes, here you can get involved with the code too. You can improve the code and Codecodex will take it in to its repository.

code codex


Well, one of the largest snippet storage sites with over 17000 users involved with the website. All Snippets uploaded are public source code. It is easy to tag and share with the whole community using DZone.

dzone snippets


A fitting adversary for the Google Code Search engine. Koders.com, a venture of Black Duck Software Company, is a free on-line search engine for searching the open source software and other web-downloadable codes to succor your project. On a daily basis , over 30,000 users hit the search button on Koders which rifles through over 1 billion lines of codes which are written in over 30 different languages.



This a code snippet repository with a huge difference: If you don’t want to share, you can still upload it and keep it private where as other sites subject all snippet uploaded as public domain.

code snippets


byteMyCode is a project to help sharing codes in a more efficient way. It has modeled a community service around which you can find, share, revise, comment on, and rate code snippets. byteMyCode also augments it service by providing organizational tools to help you tag and store code snippets.

byte my code


Krugle Select is an updated version of Krugle which has supported over 3000 open source projects. It is highly sophisticated website and a resourceful website for coders who are looking for value added services such as feedbacks on projects, trouble shooting as well as adding the project to search databases so that every one can get access to their work.



Naslu, self proclaimed best code snippet sharing application in the world is a free service which helps store and sharing of code snippets. It also provides search feature for any language, Link code snippets into external web pages and Reuse code snippets into various IDEs to just state the most frequently used. There a lot of features Naslu provides which cannot be matched by other online snippet storage sites.