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If you need an online service which could help you to develop cool looking flowcharts and sitemaps, then you should check out SlickPlan. It is a web-based flowchart/sitemap generator which allows you to create free sitemap and also flowchart design.


Any web designer starts a new project by creating flowcharts and sitemaps. Sitemaps help users to navigate a site more easily and also they can help users with search engine optimization efforts. While creating flowcharts and sitemaps, the best and easy option for designers is to go for programs which are found on the web that are specifically created and meant to function as flowchart and sitemap generators. Some of the sitemap design programs are completely free of charge and also very high in quality. One such program is SlickPlan.

The technology behind SlickPlan is LAMP platform (Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP). To get started, only thing you have to do is, go to www.slickplan.com and then, click on the link, “Create a Sitemap”.  If you sign up for the service, it will let you save the changes and you will also be able to share with others, the link of your sitemap.

Slick Plan was developed for web designers and developers, but it can be used by anyone who would like to have a quick and professional flowchart or sitemap for planning their project. Anyone without any professional skill can use it.

You can also check out the video which is embedded on their site in which process of creating a sitemap is described.


  • SlickPlan is free to use.
  • After creating your flowchart or sitemap, you have options to share as an HTML with others, save it online or export it as a PDF.
  • SlickPlan allows you to create free sitemaps and flowcharts easily and quickly.
  • SlickPlan has only one purpose, unlike other software programs. It is to create beautiful, and efficient, functional sitemaps and flowcharts.
  • You can create unlimited sitemaps.
  • You can give links of HTML sitemaps to clients quickly and easily.
  • In PDF format, sitemaps can also be exported.
  • It is easy organization.
  • It generates HTML navigation.
  • By creating an account, it enables you to keep your sitemaps organized neatly on the website of SlickPlan. That way, you don’t need to keep track of them by yourself. When you sign in, your sitemaps will be right in front of you.
  • It is very easy since all you have to do is drag & drop and export!