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The Google Chart API is a very simple tool that allows you to create a chart from the data given and then it can be embedded in a web page. It can dynamically generate the charts. All you got to do is embed the data and the formatting parameters in a HTTP request. The Google will return a PNG image of the chart. Various types of charts are supported and by just making a request into an image tag, you can include the chart in a web page.

google chart API

Earlier if you wanted to show the reports of any particular analysis in your website, then you would probably do any of the following- use a server side framework to code in the chart, use a database to collect the report data and then code for the framework integration, insert a chart image after generating a chart in a software or use some heavy JavaScript libraries that adds to the loading time of the page.

But incase you just had only few outcomes and you wished to show a simple chart in your web page to the users of your website or blog, then you might get stuck in some situations due to some of the following reasons- use of an HTML, only website or blog that does not allow server side scripting, lack of knowledge of using a chart framework even if you had a server side scripting, burden of the process in creating a simple chart or simply wasting time.

But the Google Chart API overcomes all the above mentiond problems. All you got to know is how to insert an image in your web page and then you can sit back and watch your chart come to life. The Google Chart API has many attractive features such as it can create charts by simply using the URL with some parameters, can insert the chart very easily just as you insert an image, the chart can be created on the fly dynamically, there is no need of any server side coding, absolutely no need of a JavaScript to code or view your chart. Other features includes any resolution of the chart can be changed with only a change in the URL parameters, manipulating the parameters of the URL would change the chart and a variety of styles can be chosen as per your tastes.