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The Evolver helps you in building a customized 3D Avatar. In this 3D Avatar portal, you can model your avatar in 3D without the need of downloading any software or plugin. You are given a list of Avatars that are made before, from where you can select. Begin with a picture and create any avatar. It can be you or any of your friends and have fun with your avatar. You can also share this avatar on your favourite social network site.

custom 3d avatar

You can also introduce your avatar to games. A high resolution image or mesh can be created. There is an easy to use Avatar Builder. Here you can build your custom avatar in the real 3D. Since all the work takes place on their servers, there is no need for any softwares, plugins or special graphics cards.

Initially you will have to select from a list of the Avatars given. Then mould the Avatar’s face and body. After this, choose the skin, hair, eye color and finally clothing. Now you are done!

The Evolver is a solution to bring together the complex 3D modelling, ease of use and fully inter-operable avatars. The Evolver provides an entrance to design, manage and transport the digital avatars that can be made use of in the virtual world, online games, video clips, mobile apps, professional animation, pre-visualization projects, social networks, greeting cards and so on.

The Evolver produces 3D characters that are designed for wide range of uses. Due to the site’s simplicity and user-friendly interface, it makes everything easy for anyone to create a 3D avatar or clone. All this can be done very quickly and all for free! Moreover these avatars are exportable for use in any destination.

With the Evolver any no. of men, women, children and various creatures can be created by simply combining and morphing the physical attributes that are derived from a “virtual gene pool” of the pre-built characters. The features from these pre-built characters can be blended in a number of ways to create a totally unique character. The facial features including the overall face, eyes, ears, mouth, chin, nose and cheeks and physical attributes includes the overall body, arms, shoulders etc. This can be customized with the skin tone, eye colour and hair. You can also upload a photo to create a customized 3D clone of yourself or of other people. The clothing option gives each of the characters with an individual style.