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If you have got a funny joke or a story to tell, then you can share it in a whole new way. You can create awesome comics. It is possible to create any character, including you and your friends. Bitstrip.com is an online comic strip that is made by you. Bitstrips will be your new online funny pages.

To create a comic on Bitstrips, there are two ways- the easy builder and the super builder.



  • This is a free website of online toys.
  • It is easy, fun and fast in creating comics.
  • The Easy Builder is the fastest and the simplest way to make a comic.
  • Easy Builder is ideal when you are writing a quick joke or in case you are rapidly jotting down dialogues for one or two characters.
  • If you are new to Bitstrips, then, the Easy Builder is the best way for you to be efficient in the comic creation process.
  • The Easy Builder is a good way to create a simple, dialogue-based comic quickly, even if you are a veteran.
  • For building comics, the full-featured advanced mode is the Super Builder.
  • Over your strips, if you want maximum control then use Super Builder.
  • Custom layouts, detailed scenes, character poses and lot more features are there in the Super Builder.
  • It is also possible to use both builders together. You can use the Easy builder to write your dialogue, and also to figure out the number of panels you would need for your strip. Then to fine-tune the visuals, you can switch to the Super Builder.
  • It is fast and really easy to put together a strip. Just follow these steps:
    1. From the library drag a character or two into the Panel. In the Easy Builder, at a time you can use a maximum of 2 characters. Just drag a new character over any character in the panel for replacing them if you want to change your character selection.
    2. You only need to click and type in the Text Bubbles, so that you can enter the dialogue.
    3. By clicking and typing, you can add title in the Title Box.
  • Writing a comic in the Easy Builder is very simple. It is like writing a script.
    1. To enter or edit dialogue, click and type in Text Bubbles.
    2. Click the ‘ADD PANEL’ button to continue your strip.  Your strip can be long up to 8 panels.
    3. To navigate from panel to panel use the Left and Right arrows. You can also go back and edit previous panels.
    4. To see a preview of your strip as a whole, click the ‘PREVIEW button.
    5. Don’t forget to add a title.
  • You can also change emotions of your character, by clicking on any of the Emotion Icons which is beside the character.
  • Click on the Bubble Icon above the emotions, to remove text bubble of a character.
  • By clicking the bubble icon again, it will give a new text bubble to the character.