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The Autodesk project Butterfly is an online CAD application. You can upload your designs to the Autodesk’s cloud CAD application. By doing this, you need not waste your precious time by sending DWGs anymore. You can view and edit AutoCAD drawings by using a Web browser. You can share them without making any copies. You can also invite your colleagues or clients to co-edit a drawing with you simultaneously and for doing this, they don’t need an account nor do they have to download or install anything.

Autodesk butterfly

There are mainly three areas of interest given from where you can choose from. They include Architecture and Engg, Mechanical and Geospatial. In Architecture and Engg, you can open a sample AutoCAD Plan and elevation drawing. In Mechanical, you can open a sample AutoCAD Part drawing and finally in Geospatial, you can open a sample AutoCAD geospatial drawing.

So in short, Project Butterfly allows you to edit, co-edit and review the designs using your browser. Though it is possible to save your design as local drawing file, if you have it via the cloud then you can leave it in the cloud itself. Hence, it helps in collaboration with the others who are staying far away to transmit the files easily.

The Project Butterfly offers many features as follows- you can edit and store the drawings online. The advantage of doing this is that there is no need of back up then. Similarly no copies, no need of walking with data are needed. Data integrity works on any machine regardless of its platform and performance. Another main feature is that it is accessible from anywhere and hence there is no need for any software. All you need is a Web browser. It can also be used with the “non-CAD” users. This helps in reducing the gap between the designer and the client, designer and the outside contractors etc. The participants are also given an option to edit. Thus there is no need to redraw all the changes that are made by the participants to the original drawing file. It also features Timeline. In this, there is no need of creating any periodic backups. Hence you can quickly compare the versions and there is no need to dig up the old emails. Email notifications are sent. By doing this, you can keep yourself updated with the activities of the Project Butterfly. Other features include Share. Hence there is no need of sending files such as DWG, xref etc. Syncing between various DWG files is also not needed.