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Web designing is an art.  It is always to learn from the best in the field especially in a dynamic  world like Web Design where today’s design become anachronistic by tomorrow.  Ergo, Here is  a list of the best tutorials to implement latest trends among the web designing community to help you stay in sync with your web designs.

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1. Abduzeedo

This is a step by step tutorial supported by in the context pictures. The tutorial is flows smoothly, with pictures that can be dragged to share on twitter, facebook, email or on Instant Messaging utilities. The data is presented in a categorical manner complete with tools used. If more in doubt, then jump to www.wellknown.as for reference.




2. Tutorial 9

This tutorial will teach you how to design a website using Photoshop. It is presented as a didactic material. It starts of with Materials to be used followed with pedagogical steps supported with relevant pictures and instruction to elucidate the picture. In the end, you can end up with a fabulous looking page.



3. HV Designs

This tutorial is authored by Richard Carpenter, the owner of HV Designs. The tutorial starts with a brief and precise introduction which ensures that the user knows what he needs to do to understand the following material. This tutorial follows a flow format; not a step one. Hence, you have to be more attentive when following the tutorial. The tutorial provides pictures to supplement its written instructions.


hv designs


4. PSDThemes

This tutorial will jumpstart you because it will teach you how to make an Awsome Portfolio using Photoshop. Well, this tutorial kicks off with goals that you will imbibe when you complete the tutorial. Following this is the final output, and then the step by step tutorial with pictures as well which gives you result of each step.


5. Talk Mania

This tutorial is less read and more see. It is good as it does not confuse people with words and as we all know pictures can speak a 1000 words. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to get lost among pictures since it is in a flow manner. In the end, you will be able to design a old paper layout.




6. Web Designer Wall

The Web Designer wall provides two takes to the same menu style: photoshop and CSS. In both formats, you will be able to download the file in case you want to skip the creation process. The tutorial is arranged in step manner, and filled with pictures of every small change hence you can use it as reference.




7. PSDfan

The tutorial has a pedagogical approach. It starts with a succinct introduction, followed by result which is predicated by step by step approach. This tutorial also supplements its step with relevant images so that it is easy for the user to get a hang of the presented content to make a grunge design.




8. PSDFan

Well in the last tutorial you ended up with a grunge website, then it is time to augment your design with Clean grunge design. For all those who are still confused with that it is, the website shines lines on the contrasting features. It then starts off with the basic requirements before you get in to the designing steps. The steps are juxtaposed with pictures to make the content easily understandable.




9. Psdtuts+

Grunge design is one of the most popular designs and here is another tutorial with Photoshop that can help you create a unique design on grunge format. The tutorial flows with pictures present everywhere to make the content lucid. Moreover, you can even download the PSD version of the design from the same website created by Alavaro Guzman.




10. TalkMania

If you want to start a design company, then your website is your selling point. It should be “out of the world” to say in few words. This tutorial from TalkMania, will teach you how to reach the sky with your website. Following the style, let the website do the talking; the tutorial here resorts to the same technique of using the pictures to do the instructions.




11. PSHero

Post its catch our attention. Here is a champion design that teaches you how to create a scrap of paper design, in a pedagogical manner. It is filled with written instructions, hence you need to be prudent and make sure understand every single step before executing. It only posts, end step results hence you can still verify.




12. Pstut

A royal tutorial for a royal interface design. Unlike all other tutorials, this one presents it as a slideshow which is a logical form of presentation. Moreover, it is easy to keep track of the tutorial.




13. Webappers

Webapps are ubiquitous. The main rise in popularity of Webapps is chiefly due to the fact that they are easy to maintain and use without the hassles of installation. For a successful designer career, designing webapps, is now more important than ever before. The Webapper tutorial takes a pedagogical approach to educate the user in creating a web app admin user interface in photoshop. It provides a step by step take with photos to supplement the content in a judicious manner.