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Facial expressions are the essence of every photo, when photographing people. With the advent of photoediting tools, it has become more and more easy to capture these expressions to its finest detail. With great power, comes great responsibility. Yup, if you overuse these tools, you will eliminate the human component of the photo. So here are some extreme makeover tutorials that will allow you to create the finest photo with the human soul in it.

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1. Easy Face Retouch

Authored by Kyle Pero, the tutorial offers a very simple but an effective tutorial with Photoshop to edit facial features. It is a step by step tutorial with a live example to keep guide every step, with the example available to download. Each step contains a elucidates on the work done on the photo followed by a relevant screenshot of the step. This tutorial will teach you how to get rid of pimples on the faces without the need to invest in cosmetics.

face retouch 01

2. Removing 5′0 clock shadow and Beard Stubble

Written by Steven Patterson, this tutorial presents the steps involved in a stage format; i.e. Each page presents only one step so that you don’t get confused with the presented details. The tutorial is also in a easy to print PDF format. It uses a screenshot to explain the relevant steps as well as a small explanation on what is being done. This tutorial will teach you how to remove beard stubble without actually shaving.

reduce beard stubble 02

3. Virtual Makeover

Makeup usually brings my eyes out and this tutorial can add a whole new dimension to your photo without investing in makeup. The makeup tutorial is a quick read. It presents the information without the use of baroque language juxtaposed with screenshots to elucidate steps. There is also a example taken to facilitate easy learning.

virtual makeup 03

4. Eye Color Change

Eye color is an important component of a picture and can add a significant value to your potrait. This tutorial educates you on how to change the eyecolor, with a simple screenshot based illustrative approach.

eye-color-change 07

5. Basic Retouch and Colorization

This is a no blah tutorial even though it uses Naomi Watts photo for example. The Basic Retouch and Colorization tutorial is a fundamental tutorial for photoediting and this one presents it in a succinct manner. With Steps only restricted to the clicks and photo representing the result, the tutorial is a quick fix for all of you lost in a sea of bad photos.

retouching 05

6.Whiten Teeth Tutorial

A smile can be showstopper. Every celebrity has a perfect 32 smile, so why shouldn’t you too?¬†For all those who are not rich to afford a cosmetic dental surgery, here is a tutorial with photoshop that can give you a white smile. Based on a Screenshot legend method, there is no writing only arrows to steps and thus easy for all of us who don’t want to read how photoshop killed the social life of the blogger.

whiten teeth

7. Change Hair Color

If you want to look different, the best way is to change your hair color, and this tutorial helps you change it to color you dream. It uses a Screenshot flow method, so after every few lines which describe the steps, it will followed by a relevant photo. So go crazy, change a blondy to a red head.

hair color

8. Glowing Skin Airbrush

Ever wanted to see the glowing a photo? Ever wondered how they do it? With Skin Airbrush tutorial you will be able to bring the glow to your skin, make your skin look healthy like those in your heydays. A flow format based tutorial, it has presented the transition in a manner easy to comprehend.

airbrush skin

9. Extreme Makeover – Face

A complete makeover is in call now. With this tutorial you will be able to give your photo a complete makeover, make the photo a masterpiece. A step by step approach with each step bulleted for sub steps and finally juxtaposed a resultant picture and a pic before the steps so that you can contrast. The Face Makeover tutorial is complete and presented in module format so that you can understand and implement each stage when you want.

complete face makeover

10. Extreme Digital Makeover – Image Lighting Enhancement

A digital makeover is better than a real makeover. You can transform yourself in to anyone, go back in time or even go ahead in time. The digital makeover tutorial teaches you how to change eye color, hair color, smooth the skin texture or enhance image lighting. The blog offers a live example so that you can acquaint yourself with the tutorial using the same image. It offers a step by step approach with a photo to elucidate the steps.

digital makeup

11. Lip Gloss

Lips are one of the most prominent features of a person. We obsess over it but getting a perfect lips is a difficult job. The tutorial is photoshop allows you to get a perfect lip gloss, and the tutorial is presented in flow manner. It presents screenshots that help you understand the photo transitions.

lip gloss creation

12. Remove Blemishes

Removing Blemishes is a easy retouching tool and augments your photo. The tutorial presents this in a layman terms, i.e with screenshots. It has marked the screenshots with step marks to guide you without reading the finer prints. All in all, a good tutorial if you are not a good reader.

remove blemishes

13. Improve Skin Tone

A remarkable simple tutorial that teaches you how to change a skin tone with a step by step approach. After Each step, it presents a photo for you to compare with your work. Moreover, each step is presented in bulleted format to make sure the tutorial remains simple to the reader.

improve skin tone