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Thumboo is an instant website thumbnail generator. In Thumboo, you can create your own website thumbnails with absolutely free PHP code. Isnt that amazing…and with this you can display the high-quality website thumbnails on your website with the easy to drop-in php or the java code. All you have to do is just type the URL of the page that you want to generate and then choose a size and copy, paste the code. All this will hardly take some minutes and is very easy. No sign up is required for creating the thumbnails. This certainly saves your precious time.

thumboo website thumbnails

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The Brightcove is an essential platform that can be used for every professional online video project. This can be accessed by clicking on link. Be it just a few video clips or even thousands of full episodes, the Brightcove helps you in easily uploading, managing and organizing your entire media library.


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Facebook Connect Gains Fast Growth

11 Dec, 2009, by appsheriff || Topics: News

Facebook connect, an extension of Facebook platform is a very impressive one, as it lets users to take their identity and connections everywhere throughout the web. It constitutes a set of APIs which helps you through the process.

Facebook Conference

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The Google Chart API is a very simple tool that allows you to create a chart from the data given and then it can be embedded in a web page. It can dynamically generate the charts. All you got to do is embed the data and the formatting parameters in a HTTP request. The Google will return a PNG image of the chart. Various types of charts are supported and by just making a request into an image tag, you can include the chart in a web page.

google chart API

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There are Google analytics to help our website, but it is difficult to manage the app against a burst of traffic and whether any API we are using, slowing down it. It is very difficult to keep track of all of thousands of APIs in the web. Apigee functions similar to what google analytics do for the web. Apigee can help you understand API usage, protect your apps and back end from misuse and to control traffic flow.

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