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Firefox addons have grown exponentially. There addons for every single thing you can think of doing on Firefox that , sooner or later you are bound to find addons untenable. Well, the only way to cure a Snake bite is a poison; similarly we are going to tell you about different addons that can help you manage addons.

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1. Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE 6.3)

FEBE or Firefox Environment Backup Extension developed by Chuck Baker allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions. It will also help you rebuild your extensions individually in to installable .xpi files. This way you carry your firefox settings anywhere you go!


2. MR Tech Toolkit

The MR Tech Toolkit helps you install and manage firefox extensions and themes locally; in short where you want you can customize your firefox to suit your needs. This extension also provides multi-extension installation support, hacking support to extension/theme manage windows to find and troubleshoot Extensions and themes Build, GUID and Profile Information.

MT Toolkit

3. Options Menu

Options Menu 1.8 was developed by James.R.Skinner. This addon provides fast access to the options dialogs of installed extensions. To access this addon, you have to go to ‘Extension Options’ cascade menu on the Tools menu or by a Toolbar icon.

OptionsMenu addon

4. InfoLister

Sometimes, you just do not get a hang of what all addons are there on your system and frankly the mozilla addons view option is not sufficient to help us to understand what all we have installed; more importantly their use. The InfoLister developed by Nickolay Ponomarev helps list all the addons, extensions, themes etc in a natty organised manner to help us understand why we installed the add on in the first place.

infolister addon

5. ListZilla


Like the InfoLister, ListZilla also does the job of listing the addons, themes, extensions etc that have been amended on your firefox. The difference here is the variety of outputs it offers. plain text, vB code, or HTML file which can be automatically linked to your webpage. So in case you loose a track of your firefox and it crashes, all you need to do is go to the website and download those addons to get your firefox back up and running.

listzilla extension.jpg


6. RestartFirefox


RestartFirefox, developed by Jed Brown helps you restart firefox which is a very important function since Firefox importunes users with Restart Now messages when you have to integrate a new add on. This addon adds “Restart Firefox” menuitem to “File”, and a toolbar button for easy restarting.Now you can get all the addons, themes etc without actually restarting firefox!



7. UpdateNotifier


Developed by Todd Long, UpdateNotifier does another simple but very important task: notifies you when updates are available for your extensions and themes. It also facilitates quick access to your extensions and themes and checks for both types for any updates. It is easily configurable for automatically installing updates when available and checking for updates when Firefox starts hence creating a more stable firefox.

update notify


8. Slim Extension List


Created by Caso Chassot, Slim Extension List helps in slimming your extension list by organising it. It abbreviates the extension so that items names in extension list shorter, hence you can see more at once. If required, it will also sort them. A good tool for firefox addon addict who has one too many to care fore at the same time.