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Success of a blog is fully determined by the performance of the blog in various areas. It can be very difficult for the blog owner to go through specific areas and take hours to analyze the improvements and downfalls the blog is undergoing everyday. These 24 plugins can reduce the workload of the WordPress blogger to a great amount and providing a very good amount of data, helping them to make their blog a better place for its precious visitors. Listed below are some of the Wordpress Plugins that would help you in determining the performance of your blogs.

Monitor and fix your wordpress blog

**Plugin info – More information on features and installation.

1. AWStats Xtended Info

AWStats Xtended Info inserts the awstats_misc_tracker.js in every page which the WordPress serves and thereby allows you to track the additional items that includes the screen size, Flash, PDF and Java support.

For more fine control, you can choose which type of pages will include the script from the AWStats X options page. AWStats Xtended Info plugin will be handy for those who use AWStats and WordPress.

Plugin info: http://www.michael-gerard.com/creations/wp-awstats-x

2. Backlinks inbound links counter

This plugin can display the number of inbound links to a blog. It would count all the links. The backlinks draws a beautiful graph that displays how your number of inbound links would develop over time using the MSN Search API along with the nuSOAP in order to count the backlinks.

Plugin info: http://gdymov.com/inbound-links-backlinks-wordpress-plugin/

3. Bluetrait Event Viewer (BTEV)

The Bluetrait Event Viewer (BTEV) monitors the events that occur in the wordpress install. The BTEV tracks the events like password_reset, delete_user, wp_login, lostpassword_post, profile_update etc by default. The installation of BTEV is very easy.

Plugin info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bluetrait-event-viewer/

4. Bsuite

The BSuite is a set of tools that helps in surface interest and relevant posts. It helps your users to navigate your content and helps the authors in developing and publishing the content.

The main features of Bsuite are it is cache-friendly stats tracking and also search word highlighting. There are widgets to show some of the popular posts and the recently commented posts. It can either insert a list of similar items for the present page or post it. It offers the necessary tools that are required to make it easy for the readers to link, share and embed the content. It adds a number of short codes. These codes makes it easier to build and manage the content. It also makes the search results in ranked order, displaying pages and posts. The bsuite adds excerpt, tag and category inputs to the page editor. It includes a generic tag importer that imports the tags from the post content.

Plugin info: http://maisonbisson.com/blog/post/11613/

5. CountPosts

The Count Posts is a simple plugin which provides a template function to count the posts. It also filters based on category and over time in days. The function can return or provide the result. This plugin is easy to use.

Plugin info:  http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/countposts-v-10-wordpress-plugin/

6. DownloadCounter

The DownloadCounter counts the number of times a file has been downloaded and some misc statistics. It automatically generates the link and the code that you need to put in your website. Managing your files is possible and statistics can be viewed at the administration page.

Similar to this, there is also an ImageCounter that generates an image with the help of another one that the user selected to be used as the background. In the administration panel, the counter can be fully customized. That is, the font, font size, text position, background image, font angle, font color etc. It supports the GD and TTF fonts based on your server’s configuration.

Plugin info: http://n0id.hexium.net/wp-plugins/

7. Dschini Bot Checker
This plugin released for the Wordpress synchronizes your local bots database with the Dschini BotService via SOAP. The requirements for this plugin would be Wordpress and PHP 5.
After the installation, the Dschini Bot Checker will be there in the Options where you can define the bots to track. You can select between “High Popular” bots like the Googlebot and “Medium”- and “Low” Popular Bots. Each time your options are updated, the Dschini BotService refreshes your bot database simultaneously watching the existing trackings too. The Bot Checker Management Panel checks the bots and gives informations about the pages that the bot visited.
Plugin info: http://manfred.dschini.org/dschini-botchecker-plugin/

8. Feed Statistics
The Feed Statistics is a plugin meant for the Wordpress blogs that tracks the statistics for your RSS/Atom feeds. This includes the number of subscribers, which feed readers they use, which posts they view and which links they click on.
This plugin has a “Feed” section in the Wordpress administration panel which further has four subdivisions such as Feed (Options), Feed Readers, Post Views and Clickthroughs.

Plugin info: http://www.chrisfinke.com/wordpress/plugins/feed-statistics/

9. FeedBurner SiteStats Enabler
The FeedBurner Sitestats Enabler is the first plugin that issue to the public. It is a simple plugin that allows you to switch easily to the Sitestats FeedBurner on your site without the need to change a single line of your theme. The FeedBurner offers a statistics service not just for feeds but for the pages of the sites too.
Once you install the FeedBurner Sitestats Enabler, all got to do is enter the name of the site under your FeedBurner feed. The plugin is equipped to localization in different languages and is found in the zip-file and the Italian language, the file-catalog for translating to other languages.

Plugin info: http://www.wordpressmania.it/feedburner_sitestats_plugin/

10. FeedBurner StandardStats

The FeedBurner StandardStats Wordpress plugin is very easy to install compared to the StandardStats from FeedBurner. The FB StandardStats makes installing the FeedBurner’s stats code very simple. There are no files to edit. All you need to do is, put in your user ID. The plugin will take care of the rest. This plugin can also be used to show the FeedFlare links on each blog post.

Plugin info: http://bloggerdesign.com/133/fb-standardstats/

11. FeedStats

Here you can customize the options like the amount of days that is supposed to be saved in the statistics, minimum level of WordPress-user who is given the permission to see the statistics, time of a stay/visit, visitors online time, IP that is supposed not to be saved, statistics can be shown on the dashboard etc.

The Plugin is available in english language and also have the german and traditional chinese translation in language-file.

Plugin info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/feedstats-de/


The FireStats is a web statistics system. It is free for non-commercial usage and costs 25$ per installation for commercial usage.
This plugin features- protect the privacy of your users, real time statistics, recent referrers, search engine keywords, recent popular pages, browser and OS trees, IP to country, that is, know where your visitors are browsing from, multiple users support with the ability to have a control on which sites each user can access, designed to work on all browsers, compacts old data to improve performance and reduces the database size etc.

Plugin info: http://firestats.cc/
13. GoStats web counter

GoStats offers a free hit counter that is easy to use. It keeps track of your website stats for your blog. Once you start with it, you can view your stats. This can easily be done by accessing your GoStats account and clicking on “my sites” and “stats”. You can also receive weekly emails from GoStats about your hits.

Plugin info: http://counterblog.gostats.com/how-to-place-a-gostats-hit-counter-onto-your-blog

14. Lightstats
The Lightstats shows information in images. It also generates a few bar and pie graph images showing the statistics about the posts, comments and categories. It is compatible with PHP 4 / PHP 5 and Wordpress 2.

Plugin info: http://laitsas.com/category/plugins/

15. Live

The Live can track every single activity that would take place on your blog. You can see and scan via your blog activity in real time. This plugin shows who your visitors are, where they come from, which pages they are browsing through etc. There is also a graph that tells you about the traffic your blog is getting over a span of time.

Plugin info: http://www.headzoo.com/live

16. Open Web Analytics

The Open Web Analytics (OWA) framework provides a set of PHP and HTTP APIs that the application developers can use for integrating the web analytics into any application. The Framework also has built-in support for some popular web applications such as WordPress and MediaWiki.

Plugin info: http://www.openwebanalytics.com/

17. Posts/Comments Time

In this plugin a chart is generated to display the number of posts and comments. To install the plugin, all you need to do is, extract the zip file and copy the subfolder “pocoti” to your plugins directory. Then set write the permission for the server for this directory and finally activate the plugin and go to options panel where you can choose among the various options such as colors, titles, size.

To display the graph, include an image referencing the chart URL. You can include the chart into blog entries or the template files. The files are generated when a new post or comment is made and hence it is always up to date. The graph is generated by the JpGraph Library.

Plugin info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/postscomments-time/

18. Search Phrases
This plugin helps in finding the last search on the blog. For this there is an option in the left sidebar under “Latest search terms to see ‘. There is an option of Advanced Usage where you can change the behavior of the plugin in the admin panel in Options – Search Phrases.

Plugin info: http://gluehwein.junkies.ws/2006/10/16/plugin-search-phrases-anzeige-der-letzten-suchbegriffe/#english
19. Social Traffic Monitor

Social Traffic Monitor is a plugin that monitors your blog traffic for the activities that come from the social news or bookmarking sites. When there is a click on a link to your blog on one of the major bookmarking sites such as Digg, Netscape, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc, this plugin starts logging on the visits to that page. This data can then be shown in the form of a graph of visitors per hour.

Plugin info: http://www.chrisfinke.com/wordpress/plugins/social-traffic/

20.Ultimate Google Analytics

This plugin adds the Google Analytics JavaScript to every page on your web blog without any changes to your template. It can also add tracking to the outbound links, downloads from your own site and mailto: links. It is highly configurable. It basically starts with a simple configuration screen and hides the advanced configuration in an Advanced Configuration mode. The simple configuration screen will be enough but if you are interested in tweaking and tuning this plugin, use the advanced settings.

Plugin info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ultimate-google-analytics/

21.Word Count

Just as the name suggests, the Word Count plugin helps in counting the total number of words in all the posts or the number of words in a single post.

22.WordPress.com Stats

Installing this stats plugin is very easy. All you got to do is put your API Key and the remaining is automatic. Once it starts running, it will start collecting information on your pageviews, posts and pages that are popular, where your traffic is from, what people click on when they leave. It will also adds a link to the dashboard which would let you see all your stats on a single page.

Plugin info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stats/

23. WP-SlimStat

Wp-SlimStat helps you in seeing the detailed stats of your wordpress blog. It also filters the details and stats using the filter form inside the Details panel. It can also import wp-shortstat tables and data and is fully localizable. It has improved browser and platform detection. It displays the hits, visitors and unique IPs too.

Plugin info: http://www.duechiacchiere.it/wp-slimstat/

24. WP-Stats

This plugin displays your WordPress blog statistics. It ranges from the general total statistics to top 10 statistics.

Plugin info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-stats/