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GifSoup is a fantastic and efficient tool, which is used to create GIF images directly from videos in YouTube. You can also decide the time to start and end. GifSoup will be converting these frames to GIF image. The GifSoup is an efficient web based service. You don’t have to download any kind of software.


In order to convert a YouTube video into GIF image or file, visit GifSoup.com. Then enter the URL of the YouTube video which is your favorite and from which you are planning to capture the GIF.  And then allow GifSoup to load your video. That file is downloaded by Gifsoup.com servers and is prepared for editing.

In a matter of few seconds, it will be ready.  GifSoup allows you to convert only 10seconds of video from the Youtube. And now, you can set the title, also start time and end time which is needed for capture. Before publishing, we can also generate previews.

And, then finally click the “Finish” button. It processes your request  and this tool captures this video’s image frames and is compiled into an animated GIF.

This animated gif will be rolled out on a webpage with the necessary download links. The image download will be available in many sizes which include Original Size, Signature Size (250×200px) and Avatar size (100×100px). You can choose from them and it is possible to download anyone or even all of the image sizes.

Even the website has got a public gallery with GIF animations created by many others. Searching and Browsing animations is thus made possible. After this you can publish it and get hold of the HTML code in order to embed it anywhere.


  • It is a web app that allows you to convert any YouTube video to an animated GIF image. All you need to do is point to your favorite video on Youtube and GifSoup does the rest for you.
  • Creating animations is very easy with the use of GifSoup.
  • No need of any software. Editing skills are also not required.
  • Saves time money and effort.
  • Custamizing is possible and is very easy.
  • Using GIFSoup is pretty straightforward and very simple.
  • It is a web based tool which is free.
  • GifSoup is also offering free image hosting. That means, downloading your images is not needed. You can include these particular images on any webpage making use of the HTML codes which are provided.