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JQueryMobile is a mobile UX framework based on JQuery. It makes forms, grids, date selectors etc a breeze. It works on every popular mobile, tablet, e-reader and even desktop platforms (which is great for testing). IWantThatFlight.com.au recently completed their web app using JQuerymobile, completing the entire web app in 2 weeks (which included learning JQuerymobile). Check out their Virgin Blue flights availability app and see what is possible. From the team – “We evaluated Sencha Touch and JQTouch as well, but JQuerymobile had an easier learning curve, and faster performance sealed the deal”.


The main mission of Aviary is to allow creation to become accessible to artists of all types of genres, ranging from graphic design to audio editing. The founders of the firm created Worth1000.com, which a popular talented community of 500,000 digital artists who can take part in amazing daily contests. During the course of interaction with artists on Worth1000.com, the firm realized that there were many people who want to use digital editing software, but it was quite inaccessible and inconvenient. Several reasons were found out:

  • The costs were too exorbitant and a lot of people didn’t want to take chances with pirated versions.
  • The interface is too distended having some very rarely-used features to make learning it simple and straightforward.
  • A user actually requires installing the programs onto a machine having specifications which are complied with the program and suffer through many unwanted DRM malware which may also come along with the software.
  • The website understands the needs of artists as they are artists themselves.

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Colourlovers is a global community for all kinds of designers and artists who visit the site to get inspiration, ideas and opinion for both their professional as well as personal projects. COLOURlovers’ dedicated members create colors, palettes and patterns to cultivate their enduring love affair with color. These members can join color-inspired groups and forums and share the love by commenting on their preferred creations. The COLOURlovers blog fuels the world’s online conversation of color with its interesting posts on color trends and news, including interviews.

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Formstack is a website which provides businesses and organizations with an easy mode to build any kind of online form, integrate it with their own website and start collecting data. Once the forms are made and integrated on the website then a business can easily begin collecting data and using the information gathered in the online database. One can build any kind of forms, collect data online and all this can be done easily with the help of formstack.

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Wuonm, the guys behind Layersapp, are located in beautiful city of Madrid, Spain. It is privately funded Spanish company founded in the year 2006. With a lot of concentration on the Mac and iPhone platforms, Wuonm is formed by knowledgeable and skilled people who are devoted to programming and have enthusiasm to produce innovative and distinctive applications. With layers they have again come up with something which is unique and one of its kinds.


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SpiderOak is amongst the most premiere online backup providers for consumers and businesses across the globe. The website’s secure storage solution offers state-of-the-art encryption, cross platform support including Mac, Windows and Linux, historical versioning, planned backup and retention of deleted files till the time one requires them.


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Ronin is a flexible application which is designed exclusively for artistic professionals looking for a straightforward, reasonably priced, web-based means of managing customers and invoices. As a client of Ronin one can be guaranteed free of cost upgrades with the subscription. No fees or update costs shall be charged to the clients. Also the website respects the privacy of its clients and thus they protect the data using industry standard SSL encryptions and night back-ups on a regular basis. Ronin can assist an individual to run their business professionally. Here’s how, let us have a look.

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With more than 5,000 web designers and developers, marketers and entrepreneurs, Concept Feedback is a website review community. On posting a website on Concept Feedback, members are asked to provide reviews to this site. On an average, each concept receives 12 or more unique and exclusive reviews, whilst some of them generate up to 100. Due to the nature of this community, feedback could cover a diversity of topics, subjects which include design, usability, content and strategy.

concept design feedback

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In today’s advanced world, Wufoo makes things even simpler for internet users. Wufoo works hard to be the easiest method to gather information over the world of Internet. The website’s HTML form builder assists a person to create contact forms, online surveys and invitations to gather the data, registrations and online payments needed without any difficulty.

wufoo create HTML forms

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